I know it’s been awhile but I’ve been busy.  I thought I’d have more time when I retired.

The Great Texas Adventure was very eventful: 5 states, 7days at 70 mph.

The car is beautiful and everything is working just fine.  TomTom gave us a scare in Houston (we couldn’t find the hotel and our confirmation had no phone number) but we got where we needed to be after a few phone calls. 

Everyone knows there is a learning curve with all things new and that is true of cars, cell phones, as well as new cities so we have been reading manuals and maps; learning the subtle differences in all our electronics doodads and the highway lanes and light system.

 I bet you didn’t know the traffic lights in Texas and Arkansas are not vertical but horizonal…

We knew it would be hot  and Texas did not disappoint.  The streets and neighborhoods we visited were well landscaped and clean with brick ranch houses, and white concrete everywhere.  Lots of greenery but no shade.  The trees don’t grow very tall and they don’t have leaves like most New England trees.  So it’s hot and it stays hot. The folks we met were all very hospitable: from Brent, the young man who picked us up at the airport, to John and Connie at our hotel, and the folks at Pappas BBQ.  . 

Which brings us to our favorite stop in Texas; Pappa’s BBQ http://www.pappasbbq.com/ where I enjoyed the best barbequed chicken and 2 cool beers. 


Mike giving the state of Texas Rabbit Ears 

And the biggest yuccas I’d ever seen.  But of course we’re in TEXAS!