Wow it’s been one month since I last posted, I can’t believe that.

Yesterday was Mike’s birthday, he has 47 cards so far, I’m sure there will be a few more.

He is amazed at the number of cards but hasn’t asked did you tell people to send me a card.  He’ll put it together sooner or later.

I had asked him what he wanted to do and he said go to the soccer field and get the flags up.  So I packed a picnic lunch and off we went.

I sanded and painted the flag pole bases.  Mike and Bob got the poles out and polished them.  I helped buff out the last one.  Mike and David put up the flags.  Then we had our picnic lunch, ham and cheese sandwiches on Rye and pumpernickle, Mike’s favorite.

The weaqther was fantastic I worked in a short sleeved shirt.  The wind picked up and I need a light Jacket later in the day but it was really nice out there!

When we got home I showerand now Mike wants to go to NYA Joe’s.  We left @5:00 and he called Paul and Elizabeth who came by with the boys.  We had pizza and salad and Harry had pasta.  Of course Will had a bottle.  I left @ 6:50 for tennis but they stayed and Mike got a free peanut butter dessert.  I picked him up at Diane’s after tennis.  He really doesn’t like to plan ahead but spontaneity gets a bit crazy.  And that’s the way he likes it!


I’ll add a picture later.